Entry 2: Diseased badgers

Whoa, what a day. It feels like I've been running all day... wait I have!

The first I did was to locate Mr. Tackel. He was hanging out at a place called Trade & Tackel in an area called the Crossroads. He could tell me a lot about the lands, since he have been a ranger for some time.

He told me of places named Hamley, Steinkreis, Hammersong, Ravenswatch, Feywood and Davenshire. Hamley is a settlement in the north, where the Keepers of Thain have their guild house. Hmm, wonder what kind of organization they are. Steinkreis is a bigger city in the west where a man named Lord Kampfer rules. Hammersong is the dwarven settlement on Thain, and Feywood the elven one. Davenshire is where the Hin have settled on Thain, have to visit there soon. At last we have Ravenswatch, this is supposed to be a place where the low life gathers... I'll explore all the places, you never know where a clue might be... Especially when you don't know what you are looking for.

Well, Tackel knew at little about some of the problems of the land. And he gave me several task this day. The first one was to retrive the heart of a diseased badger, yuck. The badgers was contained in an area behind the Trade & Tackel. I went there and was soon chased around by some mean looking badgers, yay. Lucky for me there was some healthy ones who helped me take care of the sick ones, and I soon had the "thing" Mr. Tackel wanted.

When I delivered the heart, Mr. Tackel told me that he couldn't study it! His magnifying glass had gone missing on the way back from beeing repaired, and he was convinced that the kobolds in the south had something to do with it. I agreed to take a look.

On my way there I started feeling weak and found myself breating heavely. My leg was also starting to itch like h***. A closer examination of the leg, revealed that the bite from one of the sick badgers had left more than just a little scratch.

I dragged myself back to the Inn located in Websters landing, and am now resting in a bed. I don't feel well...