Entry 3: Damn kobolds

It took several days to get rid of the disease. I feel strong again, and I got the feeling my body actually got thougher from the experience.

After a nice breakfast I went over to the Trade & Tackel, on the way there I met some other adventurers. I asked them some questions, but they only mubled "anoying" and left. Wonder why...

At the fire outside the Trade & Tackel (herafter written as T&T) I met a man named Elvin. He had gotten the quest from Mr. Tackel to fetch a badger heart. Guess the one I got isn't fresh enough anymore... I wasn't very keen on returning to the badger glen, but since Elvin asked so nice and just didn't leave when I asked my questions, I desided to help.

Of course I got bit this time too... but I didn't feel anything other than the hurt from the wound, and still haven't. Maybe my body has built up an immunity ? We got the heart and while Elvin deliverd it, I went toward south to look for the magnifying glass among the kobolds.

I found the kobolds... or rather they found me. There where just to many of them, but when I thoght all was lost, a huge bear showed up and killed the kobolds. Mr. Bear seemed nice, and didn't mind me, I was a bit sceptic about entering the kobold cave, but I had promised Mr. Tackel to look for his magnifying glass, so I went inside.

Three kobolds guarded the cave, it was a hard fight, but I managed. Some boulders where marked with scratchings that I managed to decipher as "Store house" and "Healers hut". The Magnifying glass would most likely be in the "Store house" so I went in there, and discovered that there where more guards than the three kobolds... I fought hard, but they where to many...

I don't know what happened, but the next thing I remember is waking up in the strange grove, beside the stone that I touched on my first day here. Maybe Yondalla, creator of Hin, had saved me ? Or did it have something to do with the stone... I studied it for a time, meditated in the grove, but didn't get any wiser. Since I was totally drained, I returned to the Inn to get some sleep