Entry 4: Strange creature and the old man

After my first meeting with the kobolds, I wanted to make sure I survived the second. I bought myself a ring of protection from Mr. Bence, a merchant in the T&T. I also stocked up on healing potions. I also sat down and meditated for an hour to gain balance in mind and body. When I felt ready, I went to the kobolds. This time, it was no problems at all. I got the magnifying glass and returned to the T&T.

Mr. Tackel was happy to get his magnifying glass back, and went of to study the heart. I sat down by the fire and chatted a bit with the locals, though strangely I found myself alone after a little while. Mr. Tackel returned, and told me that he couldn't get any clear answers, and wondered if I could be so nice as to take what he had to and old man in the north. Curiouse myself to find the answer, I agreed, and got a key to the gate outside the old mans house.

The sun was on it's way down, and the guards had taken up post when I came out of the T&T. To my shock a big creature with a bull head was attacking the guards, killing them with easy. I ran inside to get some help, but no one dared go out. I peeked outside and saw the creature kill an adveturer, I could easily tell that I was no match for the big creature, and with no help there was nothing I could do... I went north to do my task, and hope that someone would take care of the beast...

I had to pass goblin territory on the way, but I was lucky and came right after and attack from the goblins on the Blood Guard post guarding the road. So it was quiet. I told the guards about what had happened at the Inn, but they just ignored me...

When I finally got to the gate outside the old mans house, I discovered that I had lost the key! Once again Hin luck showed itself, and a kind dwarf opened the gate for me. The old man seemed wise, and let me stay there the night, while he looked over the material Mr. Tackel had sent.