Entry 5: Unrest in Steinkreis

The next morning, the old man had a report ready for me to deliver to Mr. Tackel. I thanked him, and set out on the road to the T&T. Nothing happened on my way there, and there was no sign of the strange creature at the T&T. I delivered the report, only to get a new report to deliver... Does it say "messanger girl" on my robe somewhere ?

Anyway, this one was to the Lord of Steinkreis, Lord Kampfer. So I couldn't pass the opportunity to get an audience with the Lord, could I ?

I got to Steinkreis and found the Lords castle (not that hard to find, really). The doorman let me in when he saw the crest on the letter I am carrying. After getting inside, I desided I would rather he hadn't let me in... Seemed there was some heated discussion going on in the audience chamber. And I mean REALLY heated. A stray fireball almost killed me! Who the h*** casts fireballs around in a discussion in the audience chamber ? Thank Yondalla for my fast reflexes.

I desided to go explore the countryside until things had quieted down a bit...