Entry 7: Cave of the Death bats

Today I met Nostromo, a human sailor, and Abdon, a Hin like myself. I met them at the fire outside T&T. They also had gotten the mission to scout out the troubles in Feywood, and we desided to join forces, and give it a try.

We got to the woods, and looked a bit around, when we suddenly found ourselves surronded by mean looking bats. And they were deadly! The fight was hard, but in the end we managed to defeat them. They seemed to have come from a cave nearby, and we went inside to investigate (how stupid can adventurers be ?) There were lots of bats, and also some rats inside the cave. And there got more and more of them the deeper we went.

There where also some strange flying creatures, that had very though skin. After barely surviveing for a long time, we finally reached what seemed to be the core of the cave. A big crystal seemed to have grown out of the cave floor, and was sending of red light, kinda like the red eyes of Hofs cow...

There was some pieces of the crystal laying on the floor, so we desided to take some with us and show to the Lord and his council. But when we touched the crystal shards, five shadow-like creatures jumped up from the rift in the floor. We tried to fight them, but my fists and the weapons of Nostromo and Abdon did seem to hurt them at all. In the end we had to flee, and in the commotion, I was knocked out on the way up from the lower caves.

The next thing I know is Abdon and Nostromo standing over me, looking conserned and relived at the same time. They hurried me out of the cave, and out of Feywood. Outside of Feywood, I learned that they hadn't notice me missing before they got out of the cave, and Abdon had almost went back in alone to get me. With some clever tactics they had managed to lure the Shadows away, and got to me to get me out.

In all the hurry, Abdon hadn't got a crystal shard, but I managed to snatch two, so I gave him one. We went together to the Lord, dressed in our best cloths (I borrowed a nice dress from Nostromo, wonder why he carries a dress around...) The Lord was interessted in what we had found, and the mage at his side wanted to study the crystal shard. But the elven woman thought the elves where the best to study it, while the dwarf ment the dwarves would be the best choise. In the end the Lord told us to deside. And we agreed that since it was found on elven territory, the elves should have it. The elven lady told us to bring it to the elven counsil in Feywood. We said our goodbyes, and went to the T&T where Abdon and Nostromo went each to his.

I went back to the Inn to get some rest.