Entry 9: Ladies Tomb revisited

After haveing a nice breakfast at the Inn, I met up with Erianna at the fire outside T&T. Two men was also sitting at the fire. I didn't catch their names, but when they heard what we where up to they asked to join, and I don't say no to good help.

The others wanted to see the ghost for themselves, so we started with a visit in Jerrits tomb. The two guys chatted a bit with him, while I meditated a bit and Erianna was looking over her spellbook.

When all were ready, we entered the ladies tomb again. A little distance into the tomb, we came to a split in the corridor. Last time Erianna and I had taken the way to the left. This time, we tried the way straight forward... what a mistake...

First of all, it was a dead end, ending in a room. Second, the room was filled with skeletons and zombies. And third, and possible the worst... we entered the room and started fighting.

Thanks to my fast reflexes, I was the only one who managed to stay on my feet the whole fight. The others lay face down bleeding at one point or another. And when we finally had gotten the force faceing us down to a managable size, more skeletons and zombies rose from the coffins around us... That's when we desided to flee.

So we fled back to T&T, and parted ways, a bit dissapointed. And that was the end of another day.