Entry 12: Poisonwood, bad place...

I was sitting by the fire and didn't know what to do, was quite bored actually. Then Kaliah, a barbarian I had met before, came by. He was on his way to a place called poisonwood, since I hadn't been there yet, and Kaliah didn't mind, I tagged along... boy was I gonna regret that...

Poisonwood lies a bit in the south, one of the ways to get there is to follow a pass that goes near Hammersong. It was a nice day, and the trip down to Hammersong was lovely. Nice weather and just a little anoyance from kobolds.

But on the way through the pass, we met some giants. Since Kaliah is a mighty warrior, that didn't give us much trouble. And we got into the poisonwoods. Not a very nice place, twisted threes and stinking beetles, what a smell. The name fits the place well.

Kaliah wanted to explore deeper into the woods, and we passed a gate guarded by two very strong elven fighters. The only greeting we got was a battle cry and swords swinging at us, while an archer in the back tried to hit us with arrows. While Kaliah engaged the fighters, I ran past and engaged the archer standing behind them. They where capable fighters, and it took us some time to defeat them. It's sad to see how badly these elves have turned.

We continued deeper into the woods, and Kaliah found a door in a tree, and went in to see what was inside. Curiouse as allways, I followed. It was a big place, lots of bridges connecting platforms with deep pits between them. Soon I learned that the poisonwood elves are very good archers. Kaliah didn't seem to notice the arrows, but I had to constantly pull out arrows and put healing liquid on my wounds to stay up.

In the end, I found out that it was to dangerous, and told Kaliah that I was out of there. I ran all the way to the entrance of the woods, when I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my back. Later I woke up, looking up at Kaliah. He told me that he had followed me to make sure I got safe out, and had seen an elven archer but an arrow in my back. Kaliah had taken care of the elf and then healed my wounds.

To make sure, Kaliah escorted my all the way back to the road north of Hammersong. From there I made it on my own back to the Inn to get some rest. And it will be a long time until next I visit Poisonwood, that is for sure!