Entry 13: The snake ladies

While I was exploreing the countryside north of crossroads, I came by a cave guarded by some snakelike ladies (someone, don't recall who, later told me they are called Yuan-ti). I went over to have a chat, but I didn't understand a word they where saying, and what was all that waveing of hands for ?

Well, stupid me, they where chanting a spell! Suddenly the grass beneath my feet started to grow and tried to capture me. My fast reflexes kept me out of reach for a while, but when the ladies attacked, my attention was broken, and I was caught. The ladies where good fighters, and the grass hampered my movements. I was barely alive when I had managed to knock out the three ladies.

I was intrigued by the ranged weapon they had used, small starformed metal pieces. Throwing it wasn't to easy, but something that I might be able to learn. But I didn't want to go inside this time, since those lady sure seemd strong.

Some days later, after doing much hard training, meditation and exercise, I felt ready to explore the cave, and learn more about these throwing stars. Maybe collect some too. I got by the guards and into the the cave. The cave was a natural one, and seem to have little rework done to it.

Just around the second bend I met a bigger pary of snakeladies. Among them was also one that seemed to be better than the others at magic. She sent a fireball my way! Lucky for me, I managed to tumble out of the way. I ran straight for her, and knocked her out first. Then I took care of the others. The fight was a bit thought though, and drained all my healing supplies. I had learned a bit about their fighting techniques, and collected some throwingstars, sot the trip wasn't a complete waste.

I'll go there to explore deeper into the cave another time, wonder what is further inside...