Entry 14: The Yuan-ti cave, revisited

I was on my way to explore the cave of the Yuan-ti further, when I met a fellow Hin lady that called herself Merin. She was bored, and asked to come along. Company is allways nice, and a fellow Hin is allways welcome.

We travelled together to the cave, and on the way we met some catlike creatures that I forgot to mention in my last entry. The look like cats, but their faces is skeleton-like. A bit bigger than the wolves, and quite agressive.

Inside the cave, we got to a way going downwards and came to a cave with a sort of red glowing light. Here we met a lot of those creatures called gargoyles, these were not as neutral as the one I met earlier, and not as talkative either. I soon discovered that their thick stoneskin guarded quite effective against my kicks'n punshes, but that didn't stop me from knocking them down so Merin had an easier time hitting them.

Together, me and Merin made a good team. And the locked doors we found, Merin easly opened. And we had a fun time exploreing the cave, until we met some strange crawling beasts. Their skin was even thougher than the gargoyles one. And Merins weapon didn't hurt them either, we desided it was time to get out. But our bad luck continued, the Yuan-ti did not seem happy about us exploreing their cave. And they had gotten some reinforcements.

We did our best to get past them and flee, but Merin was knocked out. I tried to lure the Yuan-ti after me further into the cave and loose them there, but they were to smart to fall for such a trick. So in the end I had to leave Merin, to go get help.

To my surprise, the Yuan-ti had stopped following me when I got to the cave exit. And then I noticed the sound of battle from where I came, and someone yelling "Come and help me, will ya ?". Sneaking closer I saw a fighter, standing among the 10-15 Yuan-ti that had been chaseing me. He seemed strong and in control, so I desided to stay and fight. His name is Morric, together we beat the Yuan-ti and rescued Merin.

Me and Merin had gotten enough adventure for one day, and returned to the T&T. Morric continued inside the cave to explore.