Entry 17: The spider woods

Close to Hamley, me, Kaliah and Torfin was attacked by a group of giant spiders. The guard that helped us with them told us that this was a common problem, giant spiders attacking Hamley. We desided to go have a look in the woods, and see if we could learn anything about the problem. It didn't take long to find the entrance to the woods the spiders came from.

It was quiet in the forest, and webs covered trees and bushes. Suddenly several giant spiders came gliding down from the trees on spider treads and attacked. Thanks to Kaliahs strength, my speed and Torfins magic, we survived the encounter. Looking around the forest we met a lot of diffrent kinds of spiders. There where the giant ones, the even bigger giant ones and some with sword like front feet. Then there was some that seemed to dissapear and reapear at will.

A little distance into the forest we met a lovely dryad. She was happy to have someone to chat with and was more than willing to answer our questions. She told us about a Ettercap that had started acting strange. Starting to glow and talking about a crystal in a cave. This reminded me about the crystal in the bat cave, maybe there is a connection...

Anyway, we desided to look for this Ettercap. The dryad told us that it usually stayed on a rise nearby. Looking around the forest, finding no way to get up on the rise, we entered a cave we found to see if maybe there was a way up inside. The cave was full of spiders of all kinds. Many a time I had to stop to get some rest, so my body could get its strength back after getting rid of some spider poison (glad I had a lot of antidote). We found a way up inside the cave

The rise wasn't very big, and we located the Ettercap quite fast. It was in no mode for talking though, and attacked us. We had expected some mighty beast, but he was to easly defeated. It was glowing as the dryad had told us, but we found no trace of the crystal the dryad had said the Ettercap kept raving about. Even though we looked around the whole rise and the cave beneath it.

Haveing explored the most of the woods we returned to the T&T. On the way back, Torfin told us that he had kept count of how many spiders we had encountered. He had counted as many as 356 spiders...