Entry 18: Exploreing the countryside (south)

Today I did some exploring to the south, north of the Hammersong pass that leads to the Poisonwoods. There where a lot of kobolds there, and a cave they came from, but I didn't enter there today.

South of the kobolds place, the road split. At the split is a sign that says Hammersong to the south and Temple to the west. I went to have a look at this Temple. On the way to the Temple I met a couple of Ogres. They attacked me at once, even though they are way bigger than me, I managed to defeat them. My training must be giving off results.

I found the Temple gates, and when I approached them a figure apparead out of nowhere. It called itself the gatekeeper. At the request of entering the Tempel, it responded with the cryptic message that I need to have good in my heart, and Andarus will open the way. Since I got no luck in entering the Temple, I went on to explore the area around the Temple.

On lower ground, on the south side of the Temple, I found a tradeing post. And close to the post was a little port where a ship lay ancered. To get to the port, I had to go through a cave that is used for storage.

The lady in the tradeing post told a tale of her supplies stolen by giants in the Hammersong pass. I agreed to help her retrive her gods. But since I don't have much chance against a Giant, and no way can defeat six of them, it will have to wait until I can get some companions.

I went down to the ship and entered it. I found the captain inside, and he also had something he needed done. His task was easier though. All I had to do to please him, was to get some tree sap from Cobblewall Inn, so he could fix his ship, that was damaged in a pirate attack.

Cobblewall Inn is located on the other side of Hammersong, but the road there is safe for the most of the time (as long as a giant don't deside to take a look at who is passing). This time I was lucky and it didn't take me long to go to Cobblewall, buy the sap, and get back to the ship.

That task done, I returned to the Websters landing Inn to get some sleep.