Entry 19: Atempted visit to Davenshire

I desided it was time to go visit my kin in Davenshire, and Torfin wanted to come along. We got as far as Hammersong. When we where about to leave the Hammersong area, sounds of battle reached our ears. The sounds where coming from the entrance of Hammersong.

Sneaking a peek, we saw a man laying on the ground with two giants standing over him and three laying beside him. Why the dwarves that love to fight giants hadn't come to the mans aid, I have no idea. But me and Tofin engaged the giants to try help the man.

Poor Torfin was knocked out by the first punch from one of the giants. Lucky for me, I'm so small that they had big problems hitting me, and hitting them was no problem. Bigger targets you have to search long to find. After much runnnig, swearing, kicking and punching, I finally had knocked out both giants.

Now I could give my attention to Torfin and the wounded man. Torfin had gotten himself a big bump on the head, but a little bandage and a healing potions fixed him up good. The downed man was Morric, I seem to run into him quite often.

We managed to bring him back to the living, and after a little rest, he asked if we would help him explore the area. Not as confident anymore after his meeting with the five giants. Me and Torfin agreed to join him explore the nearby area, and we spent the rest of the day fighting giants.