Entry 20: Strange events at the T&T (water)

Today was a strange day. Most of the day I had been exploreing the land. But in the evening I sat down with some other adventurers to chat some at the fire outside the T&T. Suddenly lots of strange creatures showed up. Someone later identified them as water Mephits, water Elementals and frost giants.

I tried to help as much as I could, but the Mephits had to thick skin. The other two types of creatures though where possible to harm. After some fighting there was a sudden flash, the world got really hot and then all was black. They told me later that I got hit by a stray fireball, it's from the good guys you get it...

The event was discussed a bit around the fire afterwards, while the others got the heat back in their body after fighting the water and ice creatures (I had allready gotten all the warmth I needed). When the topic got boring, Frubo a fellow Hin, told us about a great treasure quest. Apparently some treasures are stoved away around the island, and there are clues to the whereabout of these treasures. Frubo had gotten hold of the clue to the second one, and it seemed the location is Davenshire.

By the time his tale was told, the hour was late, and I retired for the day.