Entry 21: Strange events at the T&T (undead)

Another evening at the fire outside the T&T. A very popular place to sit and talk about news and stories. This time the danger came from the north. Lots of mummies started comeing from the north. Everyone at the fire got up and started defending the T&T. After some fighting the mummies where taken care of.

The party of adventurer then went north to see where they where comeing from. At the entrance of the graveyard another wave of mummies came. This time there where some greater mummies among them. And we were hard pressed. There were not many among us that didn't at some time during the fight, lie on the ground eating dirt.

After much yelling, sword swinging, spell casting, more yelling and also some fighting the mummies where defeated, and we could consentrate on getting everyone up on their own feet. There where a lot of confusion but I know I was at least one time on the ground myself. We used some time to drink healing potions, put on bandages and casting healing spells. After everyone where back in at least moveable shape, we did some investigation to see if we could find out where they came from.

First we had a look in the graveyard, but everything was as normal there. Skeletons and zombies walking around, but no mummies. Next we looked in Ravenwatch. There too was everything as normal, and the thieves at the road where still doing their "work" and probably hadn't seen any mummies.

In the end, we gave up and returned to the fire.