Entry 22: The Inn in Drakamyre

Elorfin, the ranger, was out of fire arrows and wanted to buy some more. He told me he buys them from a merchant in Drakamyre. Since I haven't been there, and he didn't mind, I tagged along. Nostromo also came with us. When Elisa showed up, a strong wizardress, I don't remember. She was with ut by Khalador anyway, that is the name of the merchant.

We somehow heard about an Inn nearby, don't remember if it was Khalador that mentioned it, or if it was Elisa. Anyway we headed there to have a look. The sun was down and it was past midnight, and the Inn was filled with vampires! With the mighty wizardress Elisa and the strong ranger Elorfin at our side, it wasn't as dangerous as it could have been.

We went through the whole Inn slaying vampires all the way. In the basement, we found a cave with coffins. We searched the coffins and found some treasures. There where also a cave leading further in. Elorfin told of undeads that could kill by just watching at you beeing in there. And I desided that I didn't want to go there.

By the time we got up on the main floor dawn had come, and the Inn was empty, except for a nice waitress that brought us some drinks. Nostromo and Elorfin got a bit drunk, I didn't even taste the stuff. We stayed there the whole day, drinking and chatting. Later I overheard a pieces of a conversation from the other room. Something about "it didn't work". Night came and the vampires re-appeared, after takeing care of the vampires, we went looking for the nice waitresss, but she were nowhere to be found.

Looking around outside we came by a big golem made out of bone. I swear, Agard where drooling more than usually when he fought this beast. Agard is Elorfins big wolf companion. Elorfin let him have one of the bones afterwards, and he seemed really happy.