Entry 23: Goblin Assasins

We where hanging around the fire at the T&T (this we do quite often), when suddenly out of nowhere a goblin appeared and knocked Lia, a nice human bard, out cold. Tofin and me took care of the goblin, and then helped Lia back among the living. We talked a little about it and more people arrived, when suddenly a bigger wave of gobblins came.

After defeating the goblins, me, Nostromo, Lorenz (a half-orc paladin, yes it is possible), Gralg (a half-orc fighter), Lia and Torfin desided to try to find out where these goblins where comeing from. We noticed that they had appeared in the south. So we started looking that way. On the way south we met more goblins, that led us to belive we where on the right track.

We also met Vlad and Keldal, another pair of adventurers (Thain probably have more adventurers than commoners). Near Hammersong we also met a firegiant. He was crying about looseing his mommy harp. After a long conversation/ discussion with the firegiant, it was revealed that the goblins had stolen the harp. Since we allready where looking for them, we told the giant that we would help him get the harp if he told us where to look.

He pointed the way, and we started out, and then all went black. I woke up in the grove outside T&T, getting pretty tired of wakeing up there not knowing why. But diffrent from the earlier times, this time I had not been on the edge of death...


Afternote: I met Kelda not long after, but she didn't know anything more than me.