Entry 26: Visit to Davenshire

Yet again me and Torfin desided to try do a trip to Davenshire. Lorenz, a big half-orc, overheard us talking about a trip to Davenshire and asked to come along, since he had some shopping to do there. A stranger to me, that introduced himself as Amilith, alos wanted to come along to do some buisness in Davenshire.

At the Cobblewall Inn, Torfin mentioned a ranger he had met in the Hammersong area that was looking for some adventurers to investigate some strange ogre behavior. He mentioned this, cause it looked like the ogres have their base near Cobblewall Inn. Haveing been led off track on our way to Davenshire before, we desided to let the ogre thing be for now.

Before continueing, Lorenz warned us to keep on the road for the next stretch. This because some thieves called the Razorfangs are known to attack travelers off the road. They are called the Razorfangs cause they file down their teeths to razorsharp fangs. The thieves are also known to be canibalistic, urk.

We got past the thieves without any insidents, and once again Lorenz warned us to stay on the road. The next place we came to was a bog, and Lorenz told us of lots of undead creatures roaming the place. We did see some undead, but Lorenz took easily care of those.

After leaving the bog, we met some Hin patrolling the border area. Lorenz told us that earlier the blood guards where doing the patrolling, but now the haflings (as he calls us) have taken over. Of course, we manage quite good by ourselves, don't need any help from tall people (eh.. most of the time, that is).

We arrived at Davenshire, finally. And while the others went to the shop, I had a little look around. It is a nice place, lots of fellow Hins, thought they all seemd a bit busy for the northern kind of us. And not as friendly either... Guess the corruption of the land has had its toll on them too. I went to the shop to meet the others, and Amilith returned right after, he had been off takeing care of his buisness in town. He seemed a bit restless, and asked us to hurry. Then he said something shocking: "The person I killed seemed to be an important person".

Amilith is an assissin, and someone had hired him to kill one of my people. He had now done the deed and was a eager to get away before anyone discovered it. He can't be very smart telling us this... Though after a long discussion about right and wrong, and Lorenz trying to convince Amilith to come with him to jail, Amilith dissapeared. We searched a bit, but desided to let the Hin guards handle him, if they could catch him. I for one, won't travel with him if I see him again, and I sure am gonna tell the closest guard what he is.

Lorenz and Torfin got some other buisness to do, so I went around a bit more, exploreing the village, before I desided to go to the Cobblewall in to get some sleep, and have a look at, or maybe for, the ogre base tomorrow.