Entry 27: Halls of ogres

After a good night sleep, I went of to look for the ogres base of opperation. It didn't take me long to find the cave. But since I didn't have many healing potions left, and the ogres are BIG! I desided to go back to the Inn to see if I could get some potions there.

When I got to the Innkeeper, I noticed another adventurer allready was there, buying supplies. Torfin had finished the buisness he had in Davenshire, and had come to Cobblewall Inn to see what the Innkeeper had to offer. When I told him what I was up to, he asked to come along. I had no objections at all. Nice to have a mage guarding your back, and the company is good too. We got our supplies and headed for the caves.

The caves wasn't caves, but some kind of hall built into the hill. We soon met some ogres, and these where not the same dumb ones as outside. They were wearing armor, and also seemed better trained at hitting things with their clubs. Looking for clues, about the companions of the lady ranger, we went deeper into the halls.

Further inside we found some stairs going down. But the ogres guarding the stairs where more savage then the others we had met, and they didn't use clubs! Instead they used some big weapon that looks like something the farmer use to cut the grass... We barly survived the encounter, so we desided against continueing down.

On the way out, we found a library. Torfin wanted to see if there was any spellbooks in the shelfs, so I helped him look. Didn't find any spellbooks, but found some scrolls, and some other books of some interest (I love reading books). Haveing searched the library, we exited the halls, and went to the Cobblewall Inn to get some rest.