Entry 28: Feywood and beyond

When we where both rested, we thought about helping Jerrit the ghost get the ring from his lady, but desided instead to go explore some areas of Thain that we hadn't been to yet. Torfin had read about places beyond Feywood in Norfins journal, and we set out to have a look for ourselves.

The woods past the elven stronghold are quite beautiful. The sun was shining and some strange lights where flying around together with some pixies. I ran around a little with them, while Torfin watched us, smiling. There are also some white stags in the woods, I got close enough to pet one of them. They are really big, at least for little me. While we were enjoying the scenery, and haveing a good time, we suddenly heard the sound of battle coming from the north.

A group of dog header, two-legged creatures together with a giant with two heads! were attacking some pixies. We hurried over and helped the pixies fight the invaders of the forest. Together with the pixies, we beat back the would be invaders. Looking through the corpses for anything usefull, I found a purse of the kind that every adventurer carry their gold in. It contained 14 gold pieces, and I desided to hear by the fire at T&T if anyone had lost it in this area.

We desided to explore the area outside of Feywood, and met some more of the dog-headed creatures. Gnolls, Torfin called them. Past the Gnolls we came to the seaside. According to Norfins journal, this was the place where he arrived at Thain. We sat down by the shore, and rested a bit. I did some meditateing listening to all the sounds around me.

After a while, we continued our exploration of the area. We came to a foggy area with lots of Gnolls, and on a rise there we came by a Gnoll camp. Searching the camp, I came by a crossbow that I recognized as magical. I gave it to Torfin, since he uses a crossbow and this one was better than the one he was useing.

When we got tired of exploreing the area (I think we looked most of the places we were able to get to) Torfin returned to the elven stronghold, while I went back to T&T to see if anyone was missing a purse. There was no-one around the fire, so I desided to get some rest at the Inn in websterlanding.