Entry 29: Drakamyre and strange obelisk

There where no adventurers to see today, so I desided to go explore the area called Drakamyre on my own. I had heard there are a lot of undead there and that it is a very dangerous area. I had two reasons for going there. One was to explore the area, I allways like to explore places unknown to me. My curiousity have quite often got me in trouble...

The second reason was to test my own survival skills. One goal of the Hin fist is to know your own limits, and be able to survive in the big world by your own skills.

I passed Hamley, and traveled a road past some hobgoblins and goblins. They didn't notice me, so I could continue toward Drakamyre without haveing to fight my way there. Drakamyre is a dark place. Even in the middle of the day, there were little light. The undead I met were not to much for my skills, and I got quite confident that this I could do easily.

But then I met the panthers... First of all they are very agile, harder to hit than the other creatures in Drakamyre. Second they heal at an incredible rate! And if that wasn't enough, I can swear I saw one down a healing potions? Or maybe my eyes did a trick on me...

I only met one at first, but it was a long fight. Lots of diving, tumbling, jumping, punching, kicking and trying my best to stay out of the reach of its claws and teeth. After almost an hour of fighting, I finally hit a weak spot. Sitting down a bit, out of breath, a movment caught my attention. Another one running at me. Even though I was tired, I fought as good as I could. But when another one showed up, I finally came to my sences and ran for it.

To my surprise, they could keep up with me! I ran for my life, looking over my shoulder seeing the panthers pursueing me at a little distance. When I closed in on Hamley, only one was following me. The other seemed to have given up, I had hurt it quite much before the other one came, so it probably couldn't keep up. With only one left, I turned and stood my ground. Couldn't lead such a powerfull beast into the village of Hamley.

Two hours later, I still stood, but the panther lay at my feet. I was totally exhausted, and had used all my healing potions and healing kits. I limped my way back to the Trade & Tackel, and was there met by a sight that made me forgett my injuries for a while.

A big obelisk and a fountain had been raised on the other side of the road opposite the fire. From the little bits of information I got from the people standing around it, apparently a wizard of some power had come by and used magic to create it. In memory to all the inocent who have died on Thain, he was to have said. I gawked at it for a while, then the pain of my wounds reminded me to go buy some healing and get back to the Inn for some rest.