Entry 30: Mummies in Drakamyre

The next day the obelisk was gone, destroyed by a mad wizard it was said. One create it, another destroys it.

Lin was planning to go explore Drakamyre a little, and she asked me if I wanted to come along. Sure I would. Andras and Rion also joined in on the adventure. The four of us traveled to Drakamyre and fought a lot of undead monsters and some panthers (not as much trouble when you have company).

We passed Khaladors place and came to a split in the road. The road to the left leads to the Inn with the vampires. But the road to the right neither I, nor the others had traveled before, so we desided to have a look that way. We came to a pass of some sort. Ashes were everywhere, and even the statues at the entrance was blackened. I seem to recall Khalador talking about a dragon attack... If this is the results of that attack, I don't want to meet that dragon...

Well, at the time I was to eager about exploring that this thought didn't strike me. A little way into the pass, we met with some ghosts and a huge stone thing. The ghost was easily defeated, but the stone thing... Even though my punches is hard enough to break the stone skin of the gargoyles, this thing didn't take any damage from my punches. Though I found out that I could put enough force into my kicks that I could knock the thing down.

Luckily Lin was able to hurt it. And after a long fight, switching between who was running away to down some healing potions and who was standing keeping the things attention, we finally managed to break the animated stone. All agreed to not go any further, but return to T&T to get some rest and let our wounds heal.

But thanks to Andras curiousity, the way back was to become even more dangerous. Not to say that I wouldn't have done the same, it was just that Andras was the on that spotted the coffin... On the top of some stairs in the ruins, a coffin that wasn't there when we passed it the first time, had appeared. Andras noticed it, and opened it in curiousity, and suddenly found himself surronded by mummies. Me, Lin and Rion had allready passed the place. So our first hint of something wrong was Andras running past us as fast as he could.

Tired and exausted the sight of all the mummies sent us all into panic, running as fast as we could without thought. It took some time, but we managed to overcome our fears and face the mummies. Some of the mummies had some magical defence that I couldn't get trough, but then I remembered the magical shurikens I collected at the Yuan-ti (hmm, those probably would have been able to do something to the stone thing too...). The shurikens was able to penetrate the magical barrier, and hurt the mummies.

During the battle Rion fell, and to our horror his body just dissapeared! We couldn't do anything about it, and fought on for our own lives. It took some time, but in the end we managed to defeat all the moving bandages. Searching the coffin that started the whole thing, we found a magical bow, an armor and a strange pearl. Also there was some Heal potions and a few gems. Asking Khalador about it, he couldn't give us any clues to what had happened.

When we finally got back to T&T, we were met with a welcomeing sight. Rion was sitting there, waiting for us. He told us that some force had pulled him out of the dangerous area, and delivered him in the Grove (that sounds familiar...). We devided the items that we had found in the coffin among us, and parted ways for now.