Entry 31: Vampire Inn, in Drakamyre

A group of adventurers were sitting around the fire outside T&T. Me and Lin started talking abit about our adventure in Drakamyre, and that Lin hadn't seen the Inn there yet. We desided to go have a look. I wanted to explore the area around the Inn, since I didn't do that last time. Isendil and Anyndur also came along. When Lin hinted about treasure to be found, we suddenly had a fifth party member, Nostromo. On the way to the Inn, a man named Roar also joined us.

We got to the Inn and soon found ourselves surrounded by vampires in the middle of the Inn. This because of some missunderstandings and bad planning. And to top that, we didn't coordinate at all as a party, each fighting on their own. I soon found myself faceing all the vampires alone. The rest of the party spread out on the floor, the main reason for this beeing a couple of mages among the vampires.

I fought on, useing my reflexes and tumble skill to the max. My Hin luck was really with me this day, avoiding all the vampire fangs searching for my neck and manage to beat down the vampires. Not to mention avoiding the spells cast by the vampire mage! It was a miracle that I survived, and defeated the vampires. Useing the scrolls I had bought from the cleric at the Temple in Steinkreis, both Nostromo and Lin was returned to be among the living. Together we got Anyndur and Isendil too, back on their feet. Roar dissapeared just like Rion had done the other day, I suspected he woke up in the Grove not long thereafter. I can't say for sure, since I haven't seen him since.

We rested in turns, those not resting standing guard. Lin noticed that there were some people in the side room, and wispered to me that the woman in there looked just like one of the vampires that we had fought not long ago. Lin started talking to the woman, trying to find out if the woman was a vampire. Acuseing and treathing didn't seem to work, and she didn't want to come out in daylight to prove she was not a vampire. Anyndur seemed convinced the woman was a vampire and hinted at killing her at once. Lin, me and Isendil wanted proof first though.

I don't know what Anyndur was thinking, we still hadn't gotten any proof, but he cast a fireball at the woman anyway! Me and Lin jumped away as fast as we could when we saw the fire sphere coming at the woman. She survived the blast and started chaseing after Anyndur, can't blame her... Isendil stated that he didn't want to attack anyone that hadn't attacked him first, and I partly agree with him. I will defend others though, but Anyndur attacked first...

Isendil found out that even though he didn't want to attack someone that hadn't attacked him, he couldn't stand watch as the woman killed Anyndur. So he started shooting arrows at the woman. Lin and Lissa desided to stay out of the fight, but when Isendil was almost killed, Lissa used her skills with a healing kit to keep him alive. In the end, the woman got killed, resulting in a lot of unrest in the party.

On the way back to T&T, Isendil was angry with me and Lin for not helping, and Lin and Anyndur was argueing loudly about the fireball that Anyndur had cast to start the whole thing. The argueing continued all the way to the T&T, and also at the fire, until Anyndur got tired of it and left.