Entry 33: Abandoned Fort at Crater Lake

Lin and Andras left on other buisness, while me and Torfin sat down at the fire. I wrote an entry in my journal while we talked a little about all the adventures we've been on together. Torfin told me about a fort near Hamley that he had visisted once, and wanted to have another look at. I was all for a little more exploring, after I finished my entry in the journal.

Me, Torfin, Isendil and Gerek journeyed northward. On the way, Torfin remembered reading about another fort in Norfins journal, and wondered if we maybe could have a look there first ? Since it was on the way anyway. All agreed, and we detoured to Crater Lake, the area where the Yuan-ti cave is, cause the fort was supposed to be close to there. After looking around for a while, we found the fort.

The front door was locked, and looking around we could not find any other entrances. We had another look at the front door, and with a little help from Isendil and Gerek, I managed to beat in the door. But that didn't help much, since we only got into a room, with a locked gate, that was not that easy to beat down. We searched a while for any secret entrances, but couldn't find any. By this time, me and Torfin was getting a bit tired from a long day with lots of things happening, and wanted to go back to an Inn to get some sleep.

We desided to have a look at the other forth another day, so we parted ways, and I got back to the Inn and got some good shut eye.