Entry 34: Fishing with Tro and Lorenz

When I got to the T&T the next day, I spotted Tro and Lorenz (two half-orcs) by the bridge. I went over to see what was going on. Lorenz told me they where fishing. Tro was diving into the water on one side, useing a spear to catch the fish, while Lorenz was useing a fishinrod on the other side of the bridge.

Looking at Tro fishing was a lot of fun, so I jumped up and sat on the bridge watching with amazement at her ability to hold her breath. A goblin and a wolf tried to steal the fish, but Tro and Lorenz put a quick stop to that. After catching some more fish, they invited me to share it with them by the fire outside T&T. I happily accepted the invitation.

Tro got us some stick to use cooking the fish, and we sat down holding the fish over the fire. Tro ate her fish almost raw ( I think she only held it a little in the fire to impress Lorenz...) Me and Lorenz made sure the fish was properly cooked.

Just when I was about to taste the fish, a goblin of the type that tried to assassinate Lia appeared and stole my fish! Lorenz and I ran after the goblin, but it dissapeared as fast as it had appeared. Looking a little around, we couldn't see it anywhere.

Back at the fire, Lorenz offered me another fish when the goblin suddenly appeared again, this time Lorenz was fast on it, and killed it. In its backback Lorenz found the fish it had stolen from me. Lorenz gave it to me and I sat down and enjoyed the fish (It had a strange taste to it, kinda bitter? but it was good).