Entry 35: Abondened Fort revisited

Sitting at Crossroads by the fire, we where chatting a little bit, when Elorfin and Brand showed up. They wondered if anyone wanted to come with the have a look at the fort near crater lake. Me, Lorenz, Lomir, Nostromo and Elisa wanted to go with them. As noted in an earlier entry, I had been there before, but Elorfin and Brand had gotten keys, so now we actually could get to see the inside too.

I asked where they had gotten the keys, and the told me Tackel gave them the keys. And now Elorfin and Brand was thinking of makeing the Fort their new home on Thain.

Useing the keys, it was easy to get inside the Fort. Inside it is a grand place. Two big nice halls with big tables, and lots of chairs. There where lots of rooms for people to sleep in and up on the upper floor was two towers with rooms for the masters of the fort. Elorfin and Brand each choose one of these two rooms as their own.

On the fort there was also a magic stone like the one in the grove near crossroads. We studyied it a bit when suddenly someone who had been admireing the view called out about orcs aproaching. There was talk about going down to greet them, but before anything could be done, they started fireing arrows at us. The meele fighters ran down and out the door to meet the orcs, while the ranged fighters took place on the fort, fireing down on the orcs.

During the fight, Moric and Torfin came from behind the orcs, and we now had them surronded. It didn't take long to defeat them. Since this was such a small band, we came to the conclusion that this must have been only a scouting party. So we made ready for an main force, finding good positions, and takeing stock of everyones abilities.

We stood around, waiting for almost half a day, no orcs showing at all. Elisa, Moric and Nostromo got tired of the waiting and desided to leave. Only a couple of minutes later, Elisa came running back with a couple of demons on her trail. Lorenz took care of the demons, and Elisa told about encountering them in the graveyard on her way back to crossroads.

Me, Lorenz, Torfin and Lomir, went with Elisa to investigate at the graveyard, while Elorfin and Brand went inside the Fort to explore it some more. At the graveyard nothing special was found. The only excitment was when Elisa suddenly turned into a big red dragon! Whoa, what a shock it gave me. She apologized for not warning us, but even with a warning I don't think I would been prepared for her suddenly becoming that big and scary-looking.

Finding nothing, we desided to return to T&T.