Entry 36: Stupid Hin and vampires

While looking for the Fort near craterlake, I had noticed another road going out of craterlake. I desided to have a look at it today, and went there to see where it led. Following the road I got to a place I've visited before, the mines near Hamley. Beeing in the area, I desided to explore the area around the mine.

Past the mine I met a band of goblins, while fighting the goblins a couple of giants shows up, and if that wasn't enough some hobgoblins starts shooting at me. I'm so caught up in the fight that I didn't notice my wounds until it was too late to do anything about them... (stupid me)

I'm getting pretty tired of wakeing up in the grove near that stone, at least without knonwing why it happens. I've read lots of books in the library, but haven't found a clue on these stones yet. Do I loose anything of myself each time the stone calls me ? I've noticed a slight memoryloss each time, but nothing bad, usually just the last couple of minuets before wakeing up. And after a while I seem to remember some of it. The loss is getting worse for each time though,.... not good. I better be more carefull.

Feeling a bit frustrated and really in a punching and kicking mood, I really wanted to hit something. I met Morric on his way to Drakamyre to do some undead hunting, and desided to tag along. The trip there went fast, and the fighting until we stood infront of the Inn, I can only remember as a blur... I think I lost control there for a time... not good at all.

I tried to pull myself togehter, and we entered the Inn. It was good to punch and kick the vampires, getting out a little of my frustration. But I still was a bit to careless, and got bitten by one of them. The bite really took the strength from me! Morric suggested going to Khalador to hear if he knew of a cure. Dragging myself there, I where happy to hear he actually had one for sale.... though I didn't have the gold for it. Morric helped me out and bought it for me. After regaining my strength, and getting a little rest, we returned to finish cleaning out the Inn.

We got to the cave, where I remembered Elorfins warning, and convinced Morric to turn. On the way back, a vampire suprised us, and I got bitten again! My reflexes was surly bad today. I didn't tell Morric, cause that cure costs a lot, and I didn't want him to buy me another one. I desided to get back to the Inn, rest and meditate, get back my balance... And then finally visit the Yuan-ti Temple. I know they have a lot of gems, maybe I can get enough gold for the cure....

Oh, yeah... Something happened on the way back. We found Anyndur laying on the ground, don't know what killed him. Morric wanted to raise him at once, but I was in doubt. Anyndur had acted quite bad last time I saw him, attacking without proof of guilt, and beeing quite mean to Lin. But then, who am I to deside. Before we got to a conclusion, Lin showed up, and with a mischivious grin, raised Anyndur. When Anyndur found out who brought him back, he was not happy at all. I listened to them argueing a little about it, and I got the feeling Anyndur can't be that bad after all. Else he wouldn't have cared that he now owe Lin a favour...