Entry 37: The Yuan-ti Temple, Inside

On my way to the Yuan-ti cave, I met Moric a fellow monk. When he heard where I was headed, he asked to come along. I was really happy to have some company, especially now that I was so weak from the vampire draining me. Together we made it down to the Temple without any special incidents. This time, we got both the doors open, and could enter the center of the Temple. Even in my weakened state, I was strong enough that me and Moric hand no problem defeating the creatures that turned me and Torfin last time.

In the center of the room, was a big throne, and a Yuan-ti that probably was some kind of leader sat on it. There was no chance at all to get anything said, they attacked us at once. There where some better trained warrior and the normal Yuan-ti. But the one that had sat on the throne, she cast spells. Quite good ones too, a wall of blades coming up of the ground really stopped me and Moric in our tracks, until we got around it.

Even with the odds against us, we managed to defeat them. Not much to say about the battle, it was just chaos. Yuan-ti's yelling battle cries, and me and Moric doing the same. While in the background we heard the chanting from the spellcasting Yuan-ti, not knowing whatever she would fling our way. After defeating them, and collecting as many gems as I could find, I wanted to return to Steinkreis and see if I had enough for a cure.

On the way out, we passed Andras, Moric was alos in a hurry to get somewhere, so we only waved to Andras and said "hello" as we passed.

Selling the gems in Steinkreis, I found I had enough gold for the cure. So I went to crossroads to get some escourt to Khaladors place. In my weakened state, I wasn't sure I could handle the trip alone. When I asked for help getting the cure, to my suprise Kaliah cured me... I didn't know what to say. I offered him the pay for the cure, but he refused it. Said he had just come over a lot of gold from a trip to some ruins up in Grey Mountain.

Someday I hope to repay Kaliah for his kindness. But now, I need to meditate for a while, and find back the balance of mind and body...