Entry 39: Ladies Tomb revisited ... with reinforcements

I woke up later, and went outside. There someone had set up a picknick. Some meat was roasting over a firepit, and a carpet had been laid out on the grass. I sat down on the carpet and meditated a little, becoming aware of the voices and everything around me trying my best to come in balance with my surrondings. I snapped out of it when Torfin asked if I wanted some meat.

Torfin took care of cutting up the meat and shareing it around among those present. After he had finished, he told us a tale about a little adventure he had had at crossroads while we where of battling the chickens, oxes and lizards. Some of the lizards, basilisks he called them, had come to the T&T after we entered the cave. And Torfin had met these. I enjoyed my meal, while listening to Torfins tale.

After haveing a good meal, we sat and talked about adventures we have had on Thain. Somehow we came around to the ghost Jerrit, and that we still hadn't gotten him the ring from his "beloved". Together with two adventurers we just met, Kalin and Siomelor, me and Torfin desided to go get the ring for Jerrit. We first went to Jerrit to see if he still was missing the ring. When we got there, Siomelor remembered he had some other pressing buisness and had to leave. The rest of us, talked with Jerrit, and then went to the Ladys tomb.

It was a lot easier this time than the last, the undead seemed weaker... I went a little ahead of the other and entered a room, when all of a sudden both doors to the room closed, and some ghost looking undead appeared. Defeating the undead didn't take long, but I couldn't find any ways to open the doors. After trying to break them opne, and looking for any triggers, I just sat down and did some meditateing while waiting for a solution to come to me.

The doors opened as suddenly as they had closed, I exited on the other side when I heard someone aproach where I had come from. When I saw Torfin and Kalin about to enter the room, I yelled at them to stop and that it was a trap. Seemed they didn't hear me for they came running up to me and asked if I was okay. Seemed the trap didn't reset, so I entered the room, and told them I was okay. When they was assured I was okay they just went back the way they came from. I was sure the way further was through the room, and went for the other door again. BANG! The doors closed again.

The trap probably needed some time to reset. Anyway, I was trapped again, and a new group of ghostly undead showed up to take me. Didn't go as well this time, I got hit by one of them, and felt a cold go through my body, and steal some of my strength. I managed to defeat them though, and as last time the doors opened after a while. Exiting the way going further in, I came to a trigger that opened the door Torfin and Kalin was looking for a way to open on the other side.

They wondered where I came from, and told me I looked a bit pale. I said I was okay, and that we should continue. A little weakness hadn't stopped me before. We managed to get to the room with the Lady without further incidents. With Torfins magic, it was quite easy to defeat her. I picked up the ring that Jerrit wanted. Torfin go the staff the Lady was carrying, he looked quite interested in it. I gave Kalin the necklass she was wearing, it had some properties that would grant some immunities to the wearer.

When we delivered the ring to Jerrit, he told us a story about how the Lord and Lady had tricked him, and made him watch their cruelty. He told us that someone should confront the Lord, but checking his tomb, we found no way to get inside. Torfin and Kalin returned to T&T, while I went to Hamley and got a cure for the curse the undead had put on me.