Entry 40: Search for the gauntlet

Arriving at T&T, I noticed that the usual guards where not there, but instead some Blood guards where posted at the guard station. Overhearing a conversation, I learned that someone had attacked and killed the regular guards, and that the Blood guards had temporary taken charge until replacements could arrive.

Sitting down at the fire, I heard them mention the name Amel, as the name of the attacker. Anyndur was very eager to go hunt the man, but the others commented it would be a wild goose chase since no one knew where he had gone after. Not getting any support Anyndur sat down again, and probably to change subject commented that Xio, a monk, was getting a bit of a nuisance to him. I asked how that was, and Anyndur replied that this Xio was going around telling that he is untouchable by Anyndurs magic. Anyndur seemed to take this very seriously.

And who else to show up at that moment other than Xio. And now Anyndur was suddenly very quiet, and all of a sudden needed to get some supplies inside. While Anyndur was inside, Gralg told Xio that Anyndur had said something about him earlier, and that he should ask him about it. Why Gralg did this I have no idea. When Anyndur came out again, Xio confronted him. Anyndur wasn't very talkative, and left after a little arguing about saying what he had said. Don't remember who said it, but someone told about Anyndur once killing a peasant when trying to fry the signpost with a fireball. Hearing this, Xio desided to confront the man again, and left after him.

After Xio left, Andras came from the south. He told about fighting the giants in the Hammersong pass, and this reminded me of a quest I had agreed to do for some lady-trader. I asked if they wanted to acompany me on this quest, and both Andras and Gralg agreed to come along. We traveled to the pass and after defeating the giants guarding the cave entrance we met no resistance until we came out of the cave in a clearing with a tower.

Inside the tower, we found a little gnome standing on an elevation in the floor. I approached him and talked a little with him. He seemed to think himself a man of great repurtation, and when I said I had never heard of him... he got really angry and attacked me! Stupid gnome. The three of use didn't have much problem defeating him. And searching around, we found the lady-traders missing goods. Seems this gnome was controlling the giants.

We went to the tradingpost and delivered the goods to the lady. She was very happy to have her goods back and rewarded each of us 1000 gold pieces! Very kind lady. We also got a nice meal, and beds to sleep in for the night.