Entry 42: Drakamyre and the Pass of Ashes

Since we were so close to Drakamyre, Gralg wanted to go clear the road for undead, to make it a bit safer for the travelers. Xio got some other buisness but the rest of us joined Gralg.

As we entered Drakamyre Gralg commented that this was not gonna be an easy thing to do. Not long after we stood at the other end of Drakamyre and smiled to Gralg and commented "This is no gonna be easy, he said". We laughed a bit, and Trendt said that the next stretch of road would be tougher. Well, it was kinda, but still easy for our group, until we got to the Pass of Ashes.

Last time I visited that place, was in the company of Andras, Lin and Rion. This time the party was a bit stronger, and since I still am not strong enough to break the stone skin of the golems, I used my magical shurikens (which I forgott about the last time). It was a hard fight, but we got through to the other end of the pass, passing a sideroad on the way. Gralg told us that the dragons cave is in that sideroad (not a place I want to go).

At the other end of the pass we found a camp of a caravan. They came from the other side of a great ravine that barred the road further. After the bridge had collapsed they had found themselves trapped between the ravine and the monsters of the pass, and are now running low on supplies. The captain of the little force asked us to bring a letter back to SteinKreis for her. And I agreed to do it.

While we waited for her to finish the letter, we rested in the tent of the Captain.