Entry 43: Bugbear fort and ruins beyond

After haveing rested a time, we asked the Captain about the letter, and she told us to come back later. She needed to formulate the letter, and wanted some time to do it. We desided to head back to Hamley, and tell the guards there about the camp of travelers here.

After we had passed Drakamyre and was nearing Hamley, Torfin mentioned a Fort that we had though of visiting before. Since it was on the way to Hamley, we desided to have a look on the way. As we were about to leave the road, toward the fort, we met Xio. He asked us where we were headed, and after hearing about the fort, asked to come along. So, now we where five: Torfin, Gralg, Trendt, Xio and me. Andras desided to continue to Hamley and talking to the guards about the travelers in the pass.

Nearing the fort we met quite a resistance of bugbears. They were everywhere. Not so strong each of them, but that they made up for in numbers. After fighting our way to the fort, we found a cave where the chief of the bugbears had taken residence. He told us of some voices talking to him, and how he got his nice axe and about a glowing stone (another one of the rift stones? how many does that make.. one in the bat cave, one in the yuan-ti cave and one that the druid in the spider-filled wood talked about. Hmm, that makes four so far... wonder where they come from)

In the end, the voices told the chief to attack us. Out from all the doors around us came more bugbears, and we fought them. After defeating them, we searched the rooms. Found some chest but no clues about the stone the chief was talking about. Torfin looked in Norfins journal, and told us that there was some ruins near the fort. We went outside and towards the ruins.

We found the ruins, and explored them. Among the broken houses and walls we met some big dogs that almost looked like shadows, and some ghosts. The howls of the dogs where frightening, but as a good Hin, I resisted the fear. Also behind the ruins we found a rift in the earth, similar to the one in the bat cave. And when we closed on it, shadows like the ones in the cave came forth. We defeated them, and retreated into a tower that still stood among the ruins to get a little rest.

Standing guard on shifts we rested a little, and after that looked around inside the tower. On the second floor we met a man. He jumped when he saw us, and started casting a spell. Don't know what it was, but I resisted it, and he seemed angry. When he started on a second spell, I didn't want to stand around to make a target, so I attacked him. With the help from the others he was defeated.

We looked a bit more around the tower, but found no clues of who the man was, why he was there, what he was doing or what had happened to the town. Finding nothing we returned to Hamley. Torfin stayed there while I went back to Crossroads. Where the others went, I don't know.