Entry 44: SteinKreis Sewer

Today, I felt like exploring some new area, my thoughts went to the warnings signs in the kobold cave. I have yet not looked behind those. When I talked to Torfin about my exploring urge, he told me about the Steinkreis sewer, and some strange rats living there. Since I've never set my feet there either, it sounded like a good idea.

Lomir had overheard our discussion and asked to come along, so the three of us set out toward Steinkreis. It didn't take us long to find the entrance to the sewer. What a smell! Thank Yondalla my traning has made my body able to shrug of poisons and diseases. That sewer must be filled with nasty stuff.

We found lots of rats, but they where quite normal. There also was a lot of locked doors, some with warnings from Lord Kampfer. I desided to ask him about it later, have to remember that. We went further in and after looking around the place found another exit. Still we had not seen any signs of these strange rats rumored to live in the sewer.

As we where about to go up the ladder, the rats suddenly appeared out of the shadows. They where big, and worse, they seemed to melt in with the shadows. Dissapearing from sight, and suddenly appear where you least expected it. And those bites hurt alot! I saw Torfin fall, and then Lomir... and not long after the world went black...

I don't know how much time passed, but the next thing I remember is wakeing up to see Kaliah useing some magical scrolls to revive Torfin and Lomir. He had also heard about the strange rats, and come to have a look. Lucky for us, he survived the encounter. Tired of rats and stinking smells, we all climbed the ladder. To our supprise, we ended up in a house filled with Feywood elves!

They were not happy to see (or smell) us. But after showing the sigil of Lord Kampfer they let us explore the house. We learned that the elves helped Lord Kampfer keep an eye on the lower life of Steinkreis. What they get in return, I don't know. My good hearing let me hear a lot of mubles about needing a bath. And after a while we desided to go to the Inn and get cleaned up. Some rest also sounded nice.