Entry 46: Yuan-ti, Rescue mission

After the rest, Lomir talked with some birds to find the way out of the woods. Brave birds to live in poisonwood... They must have told him something more too, cause he suddenly seemed in a hurry to get going. Me and Torfin followed him to the Yuan-ti cave. When I asked why, he answered me simply with Xio.

We fought our way down to the second level, there the three of us found Xio on the ground near the entrance to the temple. Lomir revived him, and helped him up. Xio told us that he hadn't managed to get the sealing of the healing potion in time, resulting in his fatality. He had seen a nice robe the monk merchant in Steinkreis have for sale, and was looking for some gems to pay for it.

I suggested to have a look in the ruins up in grey mountain, since there are lots of magical stuff left there, which also sells for a good price. Xio thought about it for a moment, but told me he though it to dangerous and not worth the pay. So we all went back to the T&T.

Not long after I noticed Xio running off northward, and was curiouse to where he was headed, so I followed. I caught up to him in the graveyard, and he asked me if I was following him. I smiled and said "Yepp". Then I asked where he was headed, and he answered that he had desided to have a look at the ruins despite the danger. I asked if I could come along, and he didn't object at all.

After some searching we finally found the place, I had forgotten part of the way there to my embarassment. We found that our training as monks paid off agains the guardians and their mind numbing howls. Even good guarded against their howls, their punshes hurt good. Working hard we managed to get past the guards and down to the second level. After watching Nostromo and Torfin, I've learned a litte about how to open locks, but the locks at this place was bejond my current expertice.

So we resulted to knocking the doors in, they where luckily not to strong. We looted a few of the rooms, then returned to T&T to see how much Bence would pay for what we had found. He paid quite well, but it wasn't enough to get us that robe. Xio suggested takeing a trip another time, to see in those rooms that we didn't go into this time. I agreed.