Entry 48: Yuan-ti Cave visit

Today I was really bored, didn't know what to do. So thinking about the nice robe the monk merchant in Steinkreis sells, I figured I could go to the Yuan-ti caves for a visit. I also was a bit low on shurikens, and the Yuan-ti have these nice magical ones. And not to forget, they allways give me a good fight, which is a good way to get rid of boredom. (Fear a bored halfling, you never know what they'll come up with).

On the way to the caves I met a fellow adventurer, we stopped and chatted for a bit. His name is Sand, and when he heard my destination, he asked to come along. Allways glad to have company, I invited him along.

We went into the cave and explored around it, entering all rooms we could find. My new skills with the lock picking was quite usefull. And I picked up a lot of shurikens on the way, and ofcourse some gems.

We made our way down to the entrance to the temple. But I didn't feel like going in there today. I told Sand so, and turned to go back to T&T. I noticed a man coming toward us from the exit. He smiled to us, and commented that he finally had found the reason to the low resistance in his entrance to the cave. ( I think he ment us... ).

Since he was interessted in exploring more of the cave, I suggested Sand go with him. Sand was a bit worried for me to go on my own, but I told him I would do quite okay on my own. Well, the two of them went together down into the temple, while I went back to the T&T and did some meditation.