Content of scroll case
Deity: Yondalla
Land: Luiren
Entry 1: First day on Thain
Entry 2: Diseased badgers
Entry 3: Damn kobolds
Entry 4: Strange creature and the old man
Entry 5: Unrest in Steinkreis
Entry 6: Exploring the countryside
Entry 7: Cave of the Death bats
Entry 8: A Ladies Tomb in Necropolis
Entry 9: Ladies Tomb revisited
Entry 10: Ladies Tomb revisited ... again
Entry 11: Ruins in the grey mountains
Entry 12: Poisonwood, bad place...
Entry 13: The snake ladies
Entry 14: The Yuan-ti cave, revisited
Entry 15: Exploreing near grey mountain
Entry 16: Meeting Torfin and rescueing Morric
Entry 17: The spider woods
Entry 18: Exploreing the countryside (south)
Entry 19: Atempted visit to Davenshire
Entry 20: Strange events at the T&T (water)
Entry 21: Strange events at the T&T (undead)
Entry 22: The Inn in Drakamyre
Entry 23: Goblin Assasins
Entry 24: Looking for shurikens
Entry 25: The Yuan-ti Temple
Entry 26: Visit to Davenshire
Entry 27: Halls of ogres
Entry 28: Feywood and beyond
Entry 29: Drakamyre and strange obelisk
Entry 30: Mummies in Drakamyre
Entry 31: Vampire Inn, in Drakamyre
Entry 32: A rescue mission, and the Sea hag caves
Entry 33: Abandoned Fort at Crater Lake
Entry 34: Fishing with Tro and Lorenz
Entry 35: Abondened Fort revisited
Entry 36: Stupid Hin and vampires
Entry 37: The Yuan-ti Temple, Inside
Entry 38: Dangerous chickens and oxes
Entry 39: Ladies Tomb revisited ... with reinforcements
Entry 40: Search for the gauntlet
Entry 41: Ogre caves - Forgotten Halls revisited
Entry 42: Drakamyre and the Pass of Ashes
Entry 43: Bugbear fort and ruins beyond
Entry 44: SteinKreis Sewer
Entry 45: Kobolds and Orcs
Entry 46: Yuan-ti, Rescue mission
Entry 47: Missing companion and Ghosts
Entry 48: Yuan-ti Cave visit