Land: Luiren

Luiren is a small, heavily wooded land situated between the fell matriarchy of Dambrath to the west, and the trading satrapy of Estagund to the east. The land is bordered on the north by the weathered and treacherous remains of the Longmarch Mountains, and on the south by a line of golden, palm-fringed beaches bordering the crystal-blue depths of the Great Sea.

Populated almost entirely by Hin, the Small Folk known in the North as halflings, Luiren is famous for many things; its many blends of aromatic pipeweeds and cheeses, its endless variety of ales and beers, and its intricate woodcarving. It is also well known in the South for rudely surprising foreigners who arrive expecting to find the quiet, full-bellied halflings of the northern Realms.

The Hin of Luiren claim that the Luirlan is the original homeland of the Small Folk in the Realms, the place from whence the entire race originated. Although other, more northernly, halflings may disagree (especially the Hin inhabitants of the Purple Hills in Tethyr), and the humans of the Trading Kingdoms to the east may make snide remarks about "failed Imaskari experimentations," it is true that the halfling race has populated the land of Luiren for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. Their origins before that, if any, are unknown.

The Hin themselves claim the typical religious dogma of "Deific Creation," although there is a curious legend in the oldest holy books of the Elders, now found only in the largest libraries of Beluir and Ammathluir, concerning the Red Star of Anadia. The passages relate a tale of how, long ago, the Hin were brought to Toril from Anadia, the "Gateway to Elysium," by the Great Yondalla, so that they might spread and prosper, and take their place as the rightful rulers of the world. This tale, while seemingly fanciful, does bear a striking resemblance to the ravings of various madmen and erstwhile "prophets," who claim to have travelled the heavens to a world in the stars, populated solely by the Small Folk.