Deity: Yondalla

The Mother Goddess, The Blessed One, The Protector and Provider
Greater Power, Female, LG

Attributes: Protection, Fertility, Halflings
Domains: Good, Law, Protection
Symbol: Dove
Typical Worshippers: Halflings
Raiment: Saffron cloak
Preferred Weapon: N/A
Holy Days: Weekly, sacrifice of food

Yondalla's ideas of law and good are very strong, but not strong enough to ever make her despise any halfling that follows an evil path. Rather will she try to urge such a soul back to return to the true path of law.

Yondalla (Yon-DAH-lah) is the Protector and Provider of halflings and the chief matriarch of the halfling pantheon. She is responsible for the race's creation and for blessing them with peace, comfort, and plenty. As the Power of protection, Yondalla fends off evil influences and intrusions into the homes and lives of halflings. Yondalla gives her people the strength of character and the determination to defend themselves. Her protection is part of the very souls of her creations, for of all the demihuman races, the halflings have most rarely succumbed to evil. As a provider, Yondalla is a patron of fertility and growing things, of birth and youth, of nature and plants. She can make barren places and creatures fertile and increase the growing rate of plants and animals, almost as she chooses, although she uses such powers sparingly and almost never confers such benefits on other demihumans or humans for fear of giving offense to their patron Powers.

Those who seek to live in accordance with the way of the Provider will be blessed with a cornucopia of riches. Seek peace and comfort, for a life lived with both is true wealth. Although violence should never be welcomed, the Protector's aegis will extend to those willing to fiercely defend their home and community. Lead through example, and know the activities of those you lead so that you can help shoulder their burdens when need be. Treasure your family, for your parents gave you life and your children are your future. Care for the aged and the weak, for you never know when you may be one of the strong laid low.

Clerics of Yondalla are concerned with all spheres of halfling life, save thievery. They protect halfling communities from outside threats. They serve as ever-vigilant sentinels overseeing fields and burrows. Many double as secular leaders of their communities as well as religious authorities. Yondalla's clerics officiate at weddings and funerals, the latter in conjunction with members of Urogalan's clergy.

The primary mission of the clergy of the Provider and the Protector is to pass Yondalla's teachings on to the community at large and to knit such communities tightly together. Areas of instruction include collective and self-defense, concealment, agriculture, brewing, wine-making, gardening, and cooking. Spells granted by the power are used to demonstrate or enhance such activities. Communities are brought together through regular feasts, revels, and celebrations with few spiritual overtones other than a celebration of the collective purpose of the community. Halflings set aside one day a week (usually Godsday) for worship of Yondalla (this day is called "safeday"), a day which is spent mostly in rest and play.