This is a list of the spells in Neverwinter Nights as they are on the island of Thain (module version 2.78).

All spells have been altered to include the caster levels of the Palemaster prestige class. This works so that a character with Palemaster levels, will gain an additional caster level in his/her main arcane class (the first taken of Wizard, Sorcerer or Bard) at level 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9.

Spells that have had other alterations for Thain will be marked with a * in the list.
Altered text will be marked like this.


28. May 2007
  • Spells addition: Spells on I and K added.
  • Dirge: Added Bugfix note
  • Darkness: Added dispel of light and continual flame when targeting creature
  • Continual Flame: Updated to only set stolen flag on items
14. May 2007
  • Gate: Fixed error in summon duration update description.
  • Spells addition: Rest of spells on H added.
1. May 2007
  • Spells addition: Rest of spells on G added. First spells on H added.
26. April 2007
  • Spells addition: More spells on G added. Also some on M and W (used by Greater Shadow Conjuration)
  • Module version: Added what module version this description is based on
23. April 2007
  • Date fix: Changed March to April on the last three News updates.
  • Menu layout change: Changed link color to white, hover link color to yellow and increased the size of the headings
  • Flame Weapon: Added new script changes (do not work on weapons with a temporary enchantment bonus)
  • Gate: Added new script changes (summon depending on good/evil alignment)
  • Ghoul Touch: Mark as changed for Thain (AoE dispel change)
19. April 2007
  • Endure Elements: Added description of bugfix, and Thain change
16. April 2007
  • Blade Barrier: Fixed bug that made spell ignore evasion and improved evasion
  • Call Lightning: Updated description to match spell script
  • Chain Lightning: Added description of bugfix done earlier
  • Circle of Death: Changed Area of Effect to match spell script
  • Circle of Doom: Changed Area of Effect to match spell script
  • Clarity: Updated script change text
  • Color Spray: Removed EXTENDED fix text. EXTENDED is supported in script, but disabled in spells.2da
  • Continual Flame: Added info about setting stolen flag
14. April 2007
  • Awaken: Added bugfix text
  • Blade Thirst Added new script changes (longer duration, higher bonus, not working together with Darkfire or Flame Weapon)
2. May 2006
  • Spells addition: Added first half of spells starting with G
28. July 2005
  • Spells addition: Added spells starting with E and F
23. July 2005
  • New Layout: Made a new page layout together with Aremah
  • Summons: Added more information on the Summon Durations
  • Custom functions: Added more information on the custom functions
18. July 2005
  • Firefox fix: index.html fixed to work with Firefox.
  • Bigbys update: Added Attack and Grapple roll information for Bigby's Crushing Hand and Bigby's Grasping Hand.
17. July 2005
  • Cure Serious Wounds fix: Heading of Cure Serious Wounds. It was Cure Moderate Wounds.

Concept: Ankh_Phoenix and Aremah, Code: Ankh_Phoenix