Cure Critical Wounds

Spell Description
Caster Level(s) Bard 4, Cleric 4, Druid 5
Innate Level 4
School Conjuration
Descriptor(s) Positive energy
Component(s) Verbal, Somatic
Range Touch
Area of Effect / Target Single
Duration Instant
Save None
Spell Resistance Yes
Additional Counterspell(s) Ghoul Touch
Dispel No
Description The target creature is healed for 4d8 points of damage (Maximized if used on a PC with normal difficulty) , +1 point per caster level to a maximum of +20. Healing spells have a reverse effect when used on undead, causing the targeted undead to take an amount of damage equal to what the spell normally heals. A successful touch attack must first be made when this spell is used against undead.

Spell Scripts
Main nw_s0_curcrwn

Changes/Updates for Thain
Script Change Custom GetCasterLevel function
Before Get the level of the casterclass used or item property
After Get the level of the casterclass used or item property, pluss any modifiers (Palemaster++)
Script Change Custom ResistSpell function
Before Checks for Absorbtion (Spell mantle), Immunity and SR
After Same as before, just a wrapper for easy later change
Description Change Changed spell description to match standard bioware script
Before Save: Will for 1/2, No info about game difficulty effect
After Save: None, healed for 32 points of damage (normal difficulty max healing on PC)

Concept: Ankh_Phoenix and Aremah, Code: Ankh_Phoenix