Greater Magic Weapon

Spell Description
Caster Level(s) Bard 3, Cleric 4, Paladin 3, Wizard / Sorcerer 3
Innate Level 3
School Transmutation
Descriptor(s) Weapon Enchantment
Component(s) Verbal, Somatic
Range Short
Area of Effect / Target Creature or Melee Weapon
Duration 1 Hour / Level
Save None
Spell Resistance No
Additional Counterspells None
Dispel No
Description You empower the touched weapon with a +1 enhancement bonus per 3 caster levels (maximum of +5). You can either directly target the weapon you want to cast this spell on, or you can target a creature, affecting the the creature's main hand weapon.

Spell Scripts
Main x2_s0_grmagweap

Changes/Updates for Thain
Script Change Custom GetCasterLevel function
Before Get the level of the casterclass used or item property
After Get the level of the casterclass used or item property, pluss any modifiers (Palemaster++)
Script Change Changed what is counted as valid target
Before Any melee weapon
After Melee weapon that is not already enchanted with Darkfire or Flame Weapon

Concept: Ankh_Phoenix and Aremah, Code: Ankh_Phoenix