Entry 1: First day on Thain

Today I arrived at a port called Websters landing on an Island called Thain. I'm looking forward to exploring this lands, and continue my training in the art of the Hin Fist.

I still have no idea why the elders at the monastery sent ME here. I'm just a novice and there where so many others that would probably do better. And why do the monastery have any interesst in the strange happenings on a Island so far away ?

It didn't take long before I came in contact with the strange happenings. A fellow Hin at the local Inn told me that a local farmer had some problems, his cow was acting strange and its eyes was glowing red! The farmers name is Hof, and he told me this wasn't the first time it had happened. I agreed to help him by talking with the healer of the town about a cure.

Alas, the healer didn't have any answers, and I had to tell Hof this. It was hard to deliver the bad news, but he took it well.

I went west to look for a man named Tackel. I didn't find him, but I found a nice grove, with a strange stone that I just had to touch. I felt a strange pull toward it, and somehow felt "connected" to the place when I touched it... strange

Now I've got myself a room at the Inn at Websters ladning, and tomorrow I'm gonna see if I can find Mr. Tackel to get some more clues about what is going on around here