Entry 8: A Ladies Tomb in Necropolis

While exploreing the countryside north of Crossroads I found a graveyard. I looked around a bit and ran into some zombies. Thanks to their slow speed they wheren't to dangerous. I also noticed a tomb where the door was unlocked... Of course curiouse as I am, I had to look inside.

It seemed empty at first, but suddenly a ghost appeared out of nowhere, YIKES! After a little hesitation, I spoke with it. His name was(is?) Jerrit, and he told me about his lost love. He wanted the ring she carried, and I agreed to help him get it.

Outside I met a lady that introduced herself as Erianna, she is an adventurer too, and a magic user. Erianna seemd like a nice girl, and we desided to join force on the quest to find Jerrits love. The tomb of his lady was locked, but he had given me the key.

Inside where some skeletons and zombies, not to much trouble for the pair of us. But we used a lot of healing potions and kits, and soon found ourself without any means of healing... Time to go get some supplies.

We returned to Crossroads and did some buisness with Bence to get more healing potions and kits. The desision was made to wait until next day, so we could get some good rest and be at our best when we tried again.