Entry 10: Ladies Tomb revisited ... again

I just couldn't let go of this quest to help Jerrit. And today I met another Hin. He calls himself Prince, and seems to be a capabel fighter. Since he was willing to help me, seemed strong, and I had gotten to do some training since my last visit there, I desided to give it another try.

The lesson from my last visit was to not go straight foward at the split, but take the left corridor. We did that, and got down some stairs. An ambush of some skeletons was easely dealt with, and I was starting to gain confidence that this time, we would make it.

Then we met a headless walking corpse. I tried my best, but it just shrugged of my attacks. Prince had more luck though, and scored some hits that in the end where enough to fell it. But I wasn't so confident anymore. If this one could shrug of my attacks... what if we met more of them ?

And of course, we did. A little further in, we found the main chamber, and the lady we where seeking. She didn't seem very nice though. And told us a story of how she had fooled Jerrit, and done some nasty things. In the end she got tired of us, and attacked. We tried our best, but she was helped by two headless corpses, and was a very capable mage herself.

Both me and Prince, ended up on the floor. And the next thing I know, is wakeing up beside Prince in the Grove near T&T. This is the second time that have happened, and I'm sure it has something to do with the stone in the grove that I touched on the first day here on Thain. Anyway, me and Prince desided that it wasn't worth to try that again anytime soon. And I left for the Inn to get some rest, and get back my balance of mind and body.