Entry 11: Ruins in the grey mountains

We were sitting by the fire outside T&T, which is a usual meeting place for adventurers on Thain. I've met a lot of adventurer here, and heard about some of the areas around on Thain. An elf named Elorfin have also given me a tour of the countryside near crossroads, and have offered to show me more of Thain another day.

Anyway, we were sitting by the fire. We beeing me, Nostromo, Abdon and a elf mage named Norfin. When Nostromo worded his worries for his men working in the grey iron mine, located near Hamley. This because a mighty dwarf had been ranting about hurting the earth, and showing of some power to punish the ones doing the hurting.

So we desided to help Nostromo ease his mind, by paying the mine a visit. Didn't take us long to get to the mine, and nothing there was out of order. Since we allready where there, we desided to explore the area around the mine. To the west of the mine, we met lots of goblins, hobgoblins, ogres and even some giants.

We alos met a strange creature, that Norfin called a gargoyle, that told us about treasures. By this time it was getting dark, and the creature seemd to lead us into two ambushes. The first it told us was just and accident, and since we had run into lots of goblin kind here, we belived him. But the second one looked planed, and when we had fought of the goblins, the creature was gone.

Further up in the mountains we came across a ruin with metal creatures similar to the one that I had seen attack the guards outside T&T. Norfin told me that the creature is called a Minotaur. Nostomo was very interessted in finding the treasure the gargoyle had talked about, and we agreed to take a look at the ruins.

There where a lot of the metal minotaurs in the Ruins, and their howls where stunning, litterally. In some rooms we found trapped chests, and since we had noone able to disable the traps in our party, I desided to put my reflexes to a test. And to the others surprises I triggered all the traps without getting a scratch, Hin luck is a good friend.

The wands we found did seem to be what treasure Nostromo was looking for, he desided to go outside to check a cave we had seen there on his own. Abdon, Norfin and me continued on. In the center of the ruins, we found some stairs, guarded by a big metal creature.

Thanks to Norfins magic, we where able to defeat it, and find out that the stairs was blocked. Since there was nothing else to see, and our supplies were very thin at this point, we desided to return to the T&T.

When we got to the T&T, Nostromo was allready there. He hadn't found any treasure, so he said at least. We sat around the fire and chatted for a while, until I desided it was time for me to get some rest.