Entry 15: Exploreing near grey mountain

I met up with Merin the next day. She was on her way to meet a man named Bender, that she had travelled with before. She did not mind me tagging along, so I joined her. We met him outside a cave past Hamley. Together we went inside to explore the cave.

Inside, past a big door, we met a lot of goblins, hobgoblins and ogres. They weren't exactly happy for our visit. The welcomed us with arrows, swords and clubs. Fighting our way though them we got up into a cave above the first one. Here was a dungeoun of some sort, guarded by some stronger goblins and hobgoblins.

None of the cells contained any living. So we continued further in and found an exit. We went outside and explored the countryside. We met some goblins here and there, and they were often accompanied by hobgoblins and ogres. We also met some giants, and I recognized the area to be west of the mine. Where I earlier had been exploring with Abdon, Nostromo and Norfin.

We explored the area until the night came, then I returned to the Inn, while Merin and Bender went somewhere else.