Entry 16: Meeting Torfin and rescueing Morric

My purse had filled a bit in the last days, and I remembered an amulet that they sell in the Feywoods that could be of good use. So I travelled there, killing some bats on the way (why did I think they was so dangerous, I haven't become that much stronger... have I?).

To my dissapointment, it was to expencive for me, so I had to leave without it. And on my way back I was surronded by lots of bats and the next thing I know, I woke up in the grove (oh, now I remember why I thought the bats are dangerous.. their large numbers!). Once again, I studied the stone, but got no answers this time either.

Then I discovered that my purse had gotten lighter. I looked in it and, yes, some of my gold was missing! I thought "Maybe I dropped it when I fell..." Since the sun would be up before I got there, and thus the bats retired to their caves, I desided to have a look.

On my way there I noticed a man lying on the ground beside the road, badly hurt. I went over to him, and used a healing kit to bind his wounds. He introduced himself as Torfin, he was looking for his brother, Norfin. Since I was impatient to go look for my gold, I told him that I would be right back, and left. The gold was right where I had met the bats, at the entrance of Feywood. I picked it up and left to look for Torfin.

Just outside the Feywoods I found him, laying on the ground badly hurt, again. Some wolves had been to much for his skills. Once again I bent down and used a healing kit to bind his wounds. When he was recovered a bit, he told me he was also looking for a companion of his, that hadn't returned yet.

This companion of his was Morric, the same fighter that had helped me and Merin in the Yuan-ti caves. Torfin knew that Morric was headed for Drakamyre, which is a bit past Hamley. I helped Torfin up, and we went to Drakamyre to look for Morric. At the outskirt of Drakamyre, we found him, laying on the ground, badly hurt (third time this day I found a man on the ground badly hurt). We tended to him, and some healing potions later he was back in good shape.

He asked us to join him make the roads in Drakamyre a bit more safe for travellers. Me and Torfin agreed to help with this task, and went along the road takeing care of all the undead close to the road. After a while Morric had to leave on some onther buisness, and me and Torfin went back to get some rest at the Crossroads.