Entry 24: Looking for shurikens

After doing a lot of traning I have gotten quite good at throwing the shurikens, or throwing stars. But my supply of magical ones where running out, so I desided to pay the Yuan-ti a visit to collect some more.

I met Torfin outside T&T and he wanted to come along too, but needed to get some supplies first. He went in to Bence to buy something while I went to Steinkreis to get supplies. When I got back to T&T, Torfin wasn't there, so I went to the Yuan-ti cave to see if he had gone ahead.

The guards stood outside the cave, so I figured Torfin hadn't gone in. Since there is only one road going past the cave, I sat down at the road and meditated while I waited for Torfin to show up. It didn't take long before he showed up. We seemed to have passed each other in SteinKreis.

Just inside the cave entrance we met Morric. He had got some magical boot that he was wondering if I was interested in. I looked at them, and bought them from him. They are soft and easy to move with. Together with Morric we explored deeper into the cave, collecting some shurikens on the way. I wanted to have a look further down, at the Temple that Norfin had told me was there.

I still couldn't seem to hurt the gargoyles, but Torfins magic and Morrics sword worked just fine, cutting through the gargoyles thick skin. We got down to the temple entrance, but it was locked with some kind of mecanism to open it hinted on by a stone sign. Something about two at the same time. Me and Torfin tried to puch the doors at the same time, but that didn't do it. So we desided to explore the rest of the floor to see if we could find any clues.

Morric suddenly said he had to leave, and left without saying why he had to. Since we had little supplies left, me and Torfin too desided to get out and rather come back another time. Torfin used a magic on us that made us invisible, so we could get past the gargoyles with their thick skin. We almost made it out without haveing to fight, but on the top floor I happened to plant a fist in the stomach of a Yuan-ti.

I swear it was an accident... honest. We fought our way out, and went to Steinkreis to sell the loot. With my share of the gold we earned, I bought a robe from the monk mearchant that give some magical protection against mind attacks and spells.