Entry 25: The Yuan-ti Temple

The next day I met Torfin in Bences shop to get some new supplies before we did another try for the Yuan-ti Temple. Curiousity is a dangerous thing, and I probably have to much of it... Another Hin was also at the shop getting supplies, she introduced herself as Lin. She wanted to come along too, but had some other pressing buisness and had to run.

Back at the Cave, after fighting our way through the uppre level, Torfin used his spell to make us invisible to get past the gargoyles. It was fun running around the gargoyles and makeing fun at them while they couldn't see me. But on the isle in the middle, it went wrong...

Somehow the sorceress spotted me, and used the plant growing trick on me. This time the Hin luck was not with me, and I was stuck! My struggle to get loose must have allerted the others, because I was surronded by Yuan-ti and gargoyles in no time. Torfin was leading, and had passed the isle when I got stuck. I tried my best, but they where just to many for little me.

Suddenly out of nowhere a little sphere of fire came flying, it seemed aimed at the Yuan-ti right infront of me. By now I had gotten free of the plants, and that sphere didn't look like something I wanted to be close to. So I used my honed reflexes and skills at tumbling to dive out of the way, just in time to escape a big explosion. Looking back, none of those that had surronded me was standing anymore.

Torfin had wondered why I follow, and had come back. I don't know what he tought when he sent of that fireball, but he could have killed me too! If I hadn't spotted it coming. Well, all went well, and we survived, so I let it go this time.

Downstairs, we desided to explore the way to the right first. Past a few Yuan-ti we got to a area with some doors that opened when you got close to them. Behind the first where some dogs. They were not agressive, and didn't seem eager to leave either, so we continued on. The next door revealed a big insect-like monster, I think it's called an Umber Hulk. With Torfins magic and my fist we got the monster beaten.

The next two doors hid five trolls and two ettercaps, and after this fight the strange much stronger troll we met around the next bend was on the limit of what we could manage to get past. The last troll depleted all our supplies in magic and healing, and again it was time to turn tail. I've had enough of this place for now, probably be a while until next I go there.

On the way out I was a bit frustrated and just had to hit my fist in one of the gargoyles. To my big surprise the punch was strong enough to break the thick stone skin of the gargoyle. No more hiding from gargoyles for this girl. And poor Abdon, that promised to hold up a stone block for me to break, when I told him that some monks can learn to break stone with their fists. I have to hold him to that promise some day...

One thing you can say about the Yuan-ti, and that is that they sure know the value of gems. With the gold we earned from selling the gems we found during our trip, I could aford a magical belt from the monk merchant. The magic of the belt will heighten my reflexes, shield my mind and strengthen my bodys resistance.

Not so bad a day after all...