Entry 32: A resuce mission, and the Sea hag caves

I was sitting meditateing at the fire outside T&T, when I suddenly had some flashes. I have no idea why. Maybe because we have travelled so much together here on Thain, or maybe it is Yondalla trying to guide me on thinking more of other and not only my training...

Anyway, the first flash showed Torfin falling to the ground beside the body of some man I've not seen before. The second one showed me a cave with some big dogs and the cave entrance. And the last one showed me the Hin guards patrolling outside Davenshire.

I told this to Lin, Andras and Isendil who was also sitting by the fire at the time. Lin knew of a cave near the halfling guards outside Davenshire. She and Andras offered to acompany me on the way and investigate the cave. I was only glad to have some friends with me, even though they would slow me down. Isendil seemed to be in some kind of trance (maybe reverie?), so we let him be, and hurried toward the south.

We found the cave Lin knew about, and entering it I recognized it from my vision. It didn't take me long to find the place where I had seen Torfin fall, and there he was too! Andras helped me getting Torfin back on his feet. He was a bit dissy and disoriented at first, and the first thing he said was "Don't touch the body!". After regaining his sences, he told us that he had touched the body on the ground, and it had sucked the life out of him!

While we where talking Lin came stumbling towards us, asking if anybody was there. I told her that we had found Torfin and all was fine, but she didn't seem to hear me. I went over to her, and noticed that Lin didn't seem to either see or hear her surrondings. Torfin took Lins helm of, but that didn't seem to help. Lin took him for a monster attacking her, and started swinging her sword around. Lucky for Torfin she didn't hit him, and he hurried out of reach. After thinking about it a little, Torfin desided to try a new spell he'd found earlier, ont that would remove magical blindness and deafness.

To everyones relief, it worked. Lin told that she had been searching for Torfin, and had tried to open a big gate when the world suddenly had gone black and quiet. Not wanting to be in this cave anymore, we all went outside. I had heard about another cave near here, with some strange sea-creatures, and wanted to check it out when we were in the area.

Andras had been there before, and could show us the way. Comeing to a new area for me, we saw the cave guarded by some ugly-looking woman-like creatures. They attacked us, and we did our best staying alive. One of the creatures hit me with some spell, and it must have overcome the protection in my robe, cause I started to feel very weak. And soon the world went black.

I woke up haveing Torfin, Lin and Andras standing over me looking very worried. With the help from my long training at meditation, I managed to clear my mind and shake of the shock. I assured the others I was okay, and ready to continue. After all it was just a bit of bad luck the spell penetrating my robes protection, and bad luck is something we Hin doesn't have much of with out good luck.

Andras was against exploring the cave, but me and Lin was very eager to explore it. Torfin was a bit on the edge, not knowing what was best to do. It ended up with all of us going inside to have a look (yay!), but only after Torfin haveing his little bird do some scouting and reporting clear way. There was little of interrest in the cave though. Just lots of the same hag-creature we had met outside and some traps. It took some time exploreing the whole cave with these creatures attacking us all the time. But we managed to explore the whole cave, except a little closed of area which I think I'll come back and explore another time.

We all went back to crossroads to get some rest, and stock up on needed supplies.