Entry 38: Dangerous chickens and oxes

After some days of meditation and rest, I went out to get some adventuring supplies. I met Rion at the fire outside the T&T, and he also was in need of some supplies in Steinkreis. But before we got going something very strange happened. Suddenly lots of chickenlike birds came running from the north. The little birds where quite agressive and attacked everyone in their path.

And the suppries got even bigger when one of the chickens turned Isendil to stone! They where much more dangerous that I first tought. Lucky for us, the effect wasn't permanent. Others was turned to stone too, including me. Was a strange feeling, every part of my body getting stiff, then I don't remember anything until suddenly falling to the ground, a bit stiff.

They seemed to come from the goblin cave, and when we neared it, a big creature came toward us. Isendil calmed it, and convinced it to fight for us. He called it a Grey Render. I remember seeing one in the Yuan-ti temple. When finally the creatures where defeated, we gathered at the entrance to the goblin cave. I only rememeber Isendil, Rion, Elorfin, Elias and Kaliah beeing there, but I'm sure there where others too.

We entered the cave causiously, and soon met more of the chickens. This supported our guess that they came from inside. Furhter inside the cave, we met another type of creatures. Big oxes cowered with scales. They breathed out a some kind of gas that also could turn you to stone! Scary creatures... We followed the trail of creatures inside the cave, and passed a sidetunnel, that when I checked, was guarded by those oxes.

The rest of the party continued past though, so I followed them. When the others came to the conclusion that we had lost the trail, I told them about the side tunnel. We hurried back, and in the room we met a lot of chickens, oxes and also some lizards whos gaze could turn you to stone (hmm, noticing a pattern here ?). Ofcourse, I didn't know this at the time, and guess what.... I met the gaze of one of the lizards, the last thing I saw before my body went stone, was the Grey Render also turned to stone.

When I came back too, the battle was still rageing on, I joined in, and a while later. All the creatures where dead. Also a aggressive dwarf that had been among them lay dead on the floor. To bad, he might have had the answers to where all the creatures came from... His body disapeared before anyone got to bringing him back. We stayed a while, searching for clues, but found none. And in the end returned to Crossroads without any answers.

Me and Rion now took the trip to Steinkreis, we bought some supplies and I showed him where he could sell the stuff Bence wouldn't buy. After that I took a short trip to CObblewall Inn and got some healing potions. Back at Crossroads, I was so tired that when I sat down by the fire inside, I dozed of.